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Blanc Blanc before & after

ūüíź‚ô• I am Blanc Blanc, a 11 years old tiny Maltese weighing 1.8 kg. I have been having skin issues for the longest time. Symptoms: pimples, scabs & lesions all over body filled with pus. My paws were also dry & swollen. All these led me to bite & scratch myself excessively. Seen vet but effects were only temporary. Recently, my mamee starts me on Immuno-Petz UltraDerm & effects are good.. According to my mamee is "Dramatic Improvement"! I ūüíó taking this supplement too! ‚ô•ūüíź

Suitable for cats & dogs.

Roody SS

Roody, a senior SG Special:


  • Very Low Energy
  • Spots & brown patches of fur
  • Itchy & Scratch

With Immuno-Petz UltraDerm:


  • Higher Energy Level, more energetic & behaves like a puppy
  • Spots diminished & clean looking fur
  • Itch & scratch greatly reduced

"This supplement is really good.  I'm feeding this to Canning, my other rescue dog as well." - Owner, Ms Angelyn McCormack


Apple the Maltipoo

"I am Apple, 2 years old maltipoo.
My Issues: Skin issues since yet, red spots all over body, drastic fur loss, itchy
My own remedy: Bit & scratched excessively
Mummy's old remedy: Brought me to vet countless times, used to cone me most of the time, changed food & shampoo => DID NOT WORK
Effects: Fur growth, no red spots, no more itchiness so no biting & scratching
Aftermath: HAPPY MUMMY & HAPPY FURKID! Super love ULTRADERM & can't think of a day without taking it!!
You know what?! My mummy also said GOOD THING MUST SHARE & SO I SHARE WITH U!!" - Owner Ms Anika Wee


An ecstatic customer shared the before & after pictures of her exotic shorthaired cat, Nom Nom, 1 month after consuming Immuno-Petz UltraDerm chewable tablets.  

"The feelings I have could not be expressed enough in words especially when it has this issue since kitten.  Nom Nom had been experiencing fur loss and itchy skin for the longest time.  His eyes were always wet, dirty and smelly.  The paws were red and scaly.  

Biting and scratching himself were definitely not his favourite past time and neither were mine.  

Now I am happy to see a healthier & happier looking Nom Nom!' - Ms Hazel


Elaine had been totally vexed with Yuki's tear stains issue for the past 1 year.  He had visited the vets but nothing helped.  Elaine had been making conscientious efforts in cleaning his face twice daily & trimming his fur regularly but to no avail.

Till.. Elaine started feeding Yuki Immuno-Petz UltraDerm chewable tablets for about 1-2 months with consistent cleaning & trimming of fur.

Elaine expressed her joy by sharing photos of her beloved Yuki & her experience on Immuno-Petz UltraDerm.


"Sha Sha, my 5 years old Westie, suddenly had these skin issues without rhyme or reason.  Scratching and bitings on her body has become a daily habit.  Her ears and head were in the most serious and bitter condition.  Her skin was red and flaky.  Some parts had actually turned black and scaly.  Even vets could not diagnose the cause of the problem.  

I was at my wits' end and totally lost.  Until about 6 months back when Sha Sha started consuming Immuno-Petz UltraDerm.  It had worked well for her and I am very satisfied with the improvements seen.  

Now, it simply brings back the joy in me that Sha Sha is looking all HEALTHY & HAPPY again!" - Ms Keithina

Hiyo the GR

'My name is Hiyo, a 11 years old golden retriever. I had very bad skin issue about 1 year back which started from the inner ears with a lot of dirty stuff dropping out. Gradually my neck and body were badly affected. I scratched and bit myself the whole time due to itchiness and inflammed skin. My daddy was very worried, he had brought me to the vet and medicine helped only for a while.
He heard about this product, Immuno-Petz UltraDerm, and decided to give it a shot in August 2016. 2 months after, my skin improved drastically and fur started growing back. I stopped biting and scratch much less. I am a joyful dog now and daddy is still giving me this product for maintenance. Not forgetting to mention that I am always looking forward to chewing on this tablet. Very tasty.. My daddy said good things must share with people so I share with you!' - Owner Mr Dennis


"I have been feeding my white pom, Wizard, Immuno-Petz Sheep Placenta since its launch in 2014.

Until now, I am very impressed & pleased with the improvements shown on Wizard.  Since puppy hood, he had been have these red pimple-like spots which would turn dark and caused a lot of discomfort and itchiness.  He had lost more than 80% of his fur to the extent that 1 of my friends teased me,"Please bring him out only when it's Halloween!"  I have tried all ways and means and been to the vets numerous times but improvements were only short-termed.  After medications and creams stopped, issues started persisting again.  I had also tried many supplements but in vain until a close friend suggested that I should try this Immuno-Petz supplement.  I was thinking no harm trying one more supplement, at most was I could not see any effects.  What could be worse?  And.. after only about 2 weeks, I could see fur started growing, red spots and dark patches were reducing in sight and less itchiness and scratching!  This really boosted my confidence level in the supplement and I continue with the supplement.  THE REST WAS HISTORY!  The pictures tell all.. and I do not need to bring him out only when it is Halloween!" - Ms Sheila J



"Deuce Lee's skin condition was bad & had seen the vet who informed us that Deuce's skin on his front leg has deteriorated to an elephant skin appearance due to yeast infection & will most likely to be permanent.  We tried all means from medicated shampoo to ACV to Silky dog shampoo & applying coconut oil, emu oil etc etc but to no avail. We chanced upon Nutri-Petz FB ad and decided to try. We started off with 2 caps/day for the 1st month and started to see improvement to the skin.  Deuce's skin has greatly improved and grew fresh new baby black hair on the chest and the elephant skin condition has completely recovered with healthy skin and hair ????????" - Mr Jerome


"Roxie, my 2+ years old Chihuahua gal, started having skin issues about 1 year ago.  She would constantly scratch so much that both sides of her body became bald and with red rashes.  Similarly, her arm pits are also raw from all her scratching.  Her neck area also had those ugly black marks.  She had seen our regular vet but they can only prescribe cream to lessen her itching but could not pinpoint the actual cause.  I chanced upon Nutri-Petz trial offer for their sheep placenta and jumped on the chance to try on her.  I was instructed to feed her 2 capsules daily.  By about 2 weeks, I can see improvements.  The fur on both sides of her body has started to grow back and the rashes are lesser.  And now in less than a month of consuming, the sides of her body are covered with newly grown fur and the black marks on her neck are diminishing.  She still scratches but is very considerably lesser.  I am very pleased with the results so much so that I have purchased another 2 bottles to continue for her maintenance.  Thank you, Nutri-Petz for such a wonderful product!" - Ms Jane Ng


"Our dog Sky, a Japanese Spitz, was having skin issues (red spots) since puppyhood.  We had consulted a few vets in the span of 2 years but the skin issue was not really eliminated.  Medications from the vet is a short term solution and it doesn't help much.  Thus we were keen to look for a long term solution to this problem.  We happened to see an ad from Nutri-Petz so we decided to try this supplement.  Wee, you can tell the results by comparing the pictures that I posted." - Mr Yeo