Bovine Colostrum Powder


400 grams of Premium Quality powder

  • Product of New Zealand
  • Regulates for auto-immune, over-active or under-active immune system
  • Alleviates symptoms of allergies

*Cost savings for medium to large pets and multiple pets in a household*


Product Description

Suitable for Kittens & Puppies, Cats & Dogs of all breeds & ages (适合所有品种和年龄的小猫和小狗,成年犬和猫)

Immuno-Petz® Bovine Colostrum Powder provides high antibody levels for immune support and contains abundance of nutrients that promote growth and aid in cell renewal.  Immuno-Petz® 初牛乳粉为免疫支持提供高抗体水平,并含有丰富的营养物质,促进生长和帮助细胞更新。



  • Promote healthy brain, cognitive functions and growth development in puppies and kittens  促进幼犬和小猫的健康,认知功能和发育成长
  • Helps in boosting immune system  有助于增强免疫系统
  • Alleviates symptoms of allergies  缓解过敏症状
  • Stimulates under-active immune system  激发不活跃的免疫系统
  • Aids in restoring a healthy gut flora which is the key to healing leaky gut  帮助恢复健康的肠道菌群 – 是治疗肠道漏气的关键
  • Supports immune system to fight against possible flu virus attacks such as bordetella (kennel cough), parvovirus, leptospirosis, Lyme diseases and more  扶助免疫系统,以对抗可能的流感病毒攻击,如bordetella (狗窝咳嗽),细小病毒,钩端螺旋体病,莱姆病等
  • Stimulates recovery & wound healing  刺激身体复原和伤口愈合
  • Enhances vitality & quality of life  增强生命力和生活素质


Recommended Daily Dosage:


(Best taken on an empty stomach; 20-30 mins before each meal)(最好空腹服用;每餐前20-30分钟服用)

Puppies & Kittens (Weight 5 kg & below)                 ¼ scoop


Adult Dogs/Cats


  • Weight up to 15 kg     重量可达15公斤            ½ scoop
  • Weight above 15 kg    重量超过15公斤              1 scoop

Ingredients: Bovine Colostrum Powder 1 scoop = 2 g

成分:牛初乳粉1勺= 2克


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